Hi! I'm Boeun

'Boe-un' / You can also call me bo :)

This is me

I believe in collecting experiences over material things. These experiences become memories and they stay with you forever.

I believe that home is a feeling, not a place. When you finally feel at home, it feels like love.

I believe that everyone is worthy of being loved. Love is love.

I have an accent that I'm self-conscious but sometimes I forget that I have one.

I've never known love so deep until I had my daughter - it completely changed me.

I love taking care of my plants and watching them thrive. I never knew I could keep my plants alive so well!

and a bit more...

I'm really into interior designing because I believe the space you are in can impact how you feel.

My guilty pleasure is watching K-dramas if I have the time!

I'm pretty tone deaf and will only sing for my daughter :D

I prefer to wear no makeup and some days only wash my face with just water.

I don't really speak Korean in my day to day life, but I do multiplication in Korean (it's been drilled in me)!

Why Photography?

When I was young, my dad would take photographs of me being myself and I love seeing stories and feelings told in the photos. When I look back at my own photos from my wedding and life, they flood me with so much happy memories of being carefree, being loved, and being present.

Life moves fast, we lose touch with people, pandemic hits (hello 2020), and we get busy. When you look back at these photos, it's not to miss the past, but to feel how lucky you were to experience life this way. I believe that happy memories can increase positive feelings.

Essentially photographs become more valuable as time passes.

I want you to feel the joy of reliving your happy memories time and time again. And one day perhaps pass this legacy to your own children for them to appreciate and enjoy!

I love these candid photos taken by my dad from when I was young. Running around bare feet.

I'm ready, let's chat!

Fun facts about me

I have degrees in

I'm obsessed with

Plants & Interior Design

Fine Arts & Education

My biggest loves are

Nothing makes me happier than

Sleeping in

My husband & daughter

I started this business

I’m addicted to


March 2017

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Favourite place I've traveled

First look & in-between moments

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Heintzman House Wedding

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