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      Now that you have your photos and can’t stop looking through them, imagine how much better they’ll look printed!! I love seeing photos on my wall! Personally, I love seeing black and white photos on walls! If you have never put your photos on the wall, now is the best time!

      I love printing photos through Pixieset as they use a high quality lab. My photographs are calibrated properly to be printed by professional labs, so trying to print at a mall kiosk or Walmart is really undoing all my editing and there is no guarantee that my colours will come out the same! As well printing through Pixieset is super easy, you can print straight from your online gallery and they will deliver it to your door! I’m all about convenience!

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      So why is quality of the photo important? These printed photos will last a long time so that you and your family can cherish it for years to come.

      As well, WHCC is one of the leading print labs in North America. They use high quality paper and ink; as well, they make sure all images are properly calibrated.

      You have already invest so much already in your wedding, now it’s time to cherish all these memories for you and your family for generations!

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      To print, simply hover over each photo and click on the shopping cart icon. Choose the print type and size! That’s it! Easy peasy!

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      ENJOY your prints!! Again, thanks so much for being amazing!

      xoxo Boeun