This is my approach to documenting your wedding.

bride getting ready

As a documentary photographer, I believe that it's important to tell a full story of your wedding day, which includes the getting ready component. I will either visit both partners or just one partner. I recommend that I arrive about 1 hour before you are about to put on your wedding dress/attire. Once I arrive, I will introduce myself, get to know everyone's names, and ease into photographing. The key is for me to blend in, be visible and invisible at the same time.

I'm very hands off during this time as I want you to enjoy being present with people you love. I will only step in if absolutely necessary.

Getting ready photos are about the greater story and emotions leading up to two people exchanging their vows.

During getting ready, it is full of connections and emotions. Anticipation and excitement.

When the moment is right, I'll take some portraits at this time.

bride getting ready

first look with the bride's father

Archeo Toronto Wedding

First look with your parents

First look with your parents/dad/mom can be even more emotional than seeing your partner in their wedding attire. This moment is for your parents and it's super special. Often times, it's the parent who has not seen you in your wedding attire that would do the first look :)

Weddings are emotional, embrace the tears and don't try so hard to hold it in (I know makeup artist would tell you other wise). Tears are beautiful!

It's okay to cry.

Remember to bring tissues.

bride putting a diy boutonniere

first look at mono ontario

First look with your partner

First look, as the name implies, is when the couple see each other for the first time all dressed up! There are two options, to see each other before the ceremony or as you walk down the aisle. Ultimately, choose one that is most meaningful to you.

If you choose to do a first look before the ceremony, I will help you choose a location so that you can enjoy this intimate moment.

If you are unsure, we can chat about this to see which option is best for you.

Make a choice that is most meaningful to you!

Your ceremony

toronto wedding ceremony

During your ceremony, I'll be moving around quietly getting all the key moments and moments in-between as well. I'll be paying close attention to your parents and other important people in your lives. I love to capture stolen glances, gentle touch and laughters.

Unplugged wedding

I love it when all the guests are completely focused on your ceremony so that I can see the smiles on their faces, not their phones. A quick reminder by your officiant at the beginning usually helps remind everyone to enjoy the ceremony :)

Second Shooter Option

Having a second shooter gives you the option to get a different perspective. Like you walking into the ceremony or moments before your parents walk you down the aisle. Having a second shooter is most beneficial if you are in a larger space with larger guest count (over 120+).

Wedding party photo

Family & Wedding Party Portraits

Make time for your family portraits! These are the photos that will be printed and hung on the walls by your parents. It's so rare to get a photograph of all your family members all dressed up. For family and wedding party portraits, I'll be more direct and pose people. You can take your group photos right after your first look (before ceremony) or right after your ceremony, whichever makes most sense to you!

Couple Portraits

heintzman house wedding venue

Think of this time as your alone time where you get to be in each other's presence, and really soak in the moment together. You can go for a stroll or as you walk to the city hall to get married! Share your favourite playlist with me and let's make this an experience to remember!

I'm inspired by you because these portraits should be a true reflection of you. Sure we can look at Pinterest/IG for inspiration, but the way you hold each other and lean in will be a natural one, not a forced one.

heintzman house wedding reception
couple portrait in downtown toronto
Toronto City Hall Elopement
Thornhill Wedding Venue
toronto wedding reception

Reception & In-Between Moments

If you are having a reception, you get to finally enjoy the rest of the evening with good food and dancing. During this time, I move around looking for people having a great time! If there's dancing, you bet I'll be dancing with the crowd to get those fun shots!

Being a good photographer is knowing when I need to be seen and when I need to be invisible. Getting these beautiful and emotional photos are not just coincidence and it's the relationship that I build with you that helps me get these photos for you to cherish for many years to come.

This is exactly what I want!

Kind Words

"Bo is a gifted storyteller and we're so thrilled to have found her."

She captures the emotions of the day so beautifully and just looking at the photos transports you back into the moment. Many of the photos we're still not sure how she got, since we don't remember her being there! She has an amazing eye for what looks beautiful and her instincts are spot on.

- B & I

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