Ward Island Wedding in Toronto

Toronto Ward Island in Toronto is a perfect backdrop to your wedding or elopement! David and Jane planned their perfect wedding all within a month! It’s not easy to plan your own wedding and I always think having a wedding planner and designer is a great idea!

In a short span of time, David and Jane pulled their wedding together amid a pandemic. They were serenaded by Denise Fung, a very talented harpist who can perform classical and modern notes. And Molly Johnson officiated their wedding with so many unique touches and delight. If you are looking for a very personable officiant, look no further! My two favourite part of their wedding was when the guests came up to the rings and sent them their best wishes & love; and when the couple took off their shoe to their impromptu first dance! They rode their quadbike to their ceremony and biked away into the sunset!

There are definitely challenges to hosting a wedding on an island, well mostly because you can’t just drive over with all your decor and catering. Here are some things to consider when planning for a wedding on the Ward Island in Toronto:
1. consider picnic-like catering! Choose food that will do well for 2-3 hours in a commute.
2. rent a bike so you can bike from one location to another faster.
3. rent out an AirBnB on the Island if possible a day or two before the wedding.
4. bring umbrellas! Ideally, clear ones would be great.
5. lastly, keep it simple and small!

If all the planning and effort isn’t something you can handle, a backyard wedding might be just your jam – check out Sammie & Josh’s Backyard Wedding for some inspiration! I love laid-back weddings and if you want to pick my brain, feel free to send me an email! 🙂

Harpist: Denise Fung
Officiant: Molly Johnson
Venue: Shaw House Event Center