Barn Wedding, Lindsay Ontario


I initially got in touch with Cory & Matt’s wedidng planner, Kari of Kari Lywood Events. With less than 11 days to their wedding, they were looking for a videographer and we answered. I’m so happy to have filmed Cory & Matt’s barnyard wedding, it was perfect.

The Couple

Cory was possibly the most chillest bride, there was no fuss and she was completely present and enjoying every moment. It was like these two knew – they already knew that they just wanted to have fun and celebrate with everyone and be married. I love that Matt’s dog was present during their ceremony (how cute is that Yorkie!!). I love that Cory surprised everyone by riding on the Loader (I had to Google what that heavy vehicle is even called and not sure if that is correct?) before making her entrance. By far, my favourite is their dance. They danced like they practised it, had better dance moves than what my husband and I had. It was perfect. Oh and the pink chicken – yes it’s suppose to be pink – was the most delicious chicken ever!

Barnyard Wedding, Lindsay Ontario

The large barnyard was emptied out except the tables and the dance floor. Fun fact: did you know that Cory hand painted the wooden dance floor. The colours of the dance floor, flowers, and the lanterns hanging from the top perfectly complimented Cory & Matt’s personality. With the love seat at the headtable and fairy lights behind them, it was rustic meets fun at the barnyard wedding.

The Film

When we were editing this film, I wanted to tell a super sappy romantic story, but it wasn’t them. Cory & Matt, by the look of their wedding and energy, it was clear they were the fun loving couple. With that in mind, going through 10 or so music choices, we came down to this one song that captures the mood of the day perfectly. I’m so excited to share with you the story of these two wonderful humans. Oh! And did we mention that we started shooting in 4K? Watch this on a large screen, sit back, and enjoy! Don’t forget your wine and tissues 🙂


Planner: Kari Lywood Events

Photography: Ridout Photography

DJ: Del Vinyl 

Decoration: Opulence Wedding

Catering: Heaven on Seven Catering in Bethany