When I first met Sacha & Matt, we discussed where we could do their engagement session, and I mentioned doing a photo session where I would document their everyday life. They mentioned that they live by the beach and sometimes go there to picnic and play chess. I love documenting every day life at home and around their community, and would love to do more sessions like this! A home session like this really shows their interest and what the couple enjoys doing.

      We met at Sacha & Matt’s flat Tuesday evening, and I documented them hanging out as they would after work, catching up with each other about their day. They had a cute leafy wall in the backyard, which I used as a backdrop. Then we walked down to the Kew Beach, making few stops and catching some sunset! They were daring enough to dip into the cold water and were such a good sport about it!  It was such a relaxing photo session where they were clearly very present with each other!